How to get Search Query API calls to be logged in search usage analysis reports

I was recently working on a customer requirement to log Search Query API calls. OOB this is easy to achieve where we have specific UI option in central admin to get this information. On discussion with the PG, we found that by design this is not supported. The underlying Query API architecture doesn’t allow this…


After Properties go blank in ItemUpdated event for Office 2007 Documents..

Event Handlers in MOSS have come a long way since their inception in SharePoint 2003. In MOSS, event handlers expose a pair of properties which can be used for easing quite complex functionality. Yes, I am talking about the pair – AfterProperties and BeforeProperties. I am sure you would be knowing the basic functionality of…


Windows Powershell ISE

I was recently working on a PowerShell issue and found a new Graphical editor for developing PowerShell scripts.   I am sure all of us know how troublesome, debugging PowerShell scripts can be. The default Windows PowerShell (Version 1.0) exposes a command line editor. And as with all command line editors it has no debugging capabilities…


Fragment Caching for user controls doesn’t work in SharePoint if using SPD.

I recently had a strange requirement or should I say an issue where the client had created a user control in SharePoint and was trying to use Fragment Caching on the user control. But somehow the fragment caching wasn’t working. And the client was asking whether SharePoint actually Supports Fragment Caching or not? On further…


SP 2010 – Sandbox Solutions – Mysterious but truly awesome

So SP 2010 is out and we have finally got hold of the new version of SharePoint. Among the new features is the exciting feature – Sandbox solutions. In MOSS one of the pain points with the WSP was the fact that it was a farm level deployment and it was difficult to control it…


Define custom new/edit/display forms for Content Types

Recently, I got a requirement to define custom pages for a content type item. What am I talking about? If that’s the question these are the pages which open when you try to open, edit and create an item from the list. So the best way to customize these pages is to add these pages…


BDC User Permission List —- Add users from API

Recently I came across an interesting request from my customer, who wanted to add users to the “BDC User Permission List” in the central admin. There is a How To article on MSDN and SDK – “How to: Add an Access Control Entry to a Metadata Object”, but unfortunately that doesn’t work.   After researching,…


Virtual Earth in SharePoint

I recently was working on a very cool requirement where customer wanted to implement virtual earth pins view in a SharePoint web part. On working for a long time using javascripts and XSL I was finally able to crack the solution. So, here are some instructions that will hopefully get you up and running quickly….


Reusing SPSchedulePicker Control

SchedulePicker Class (in the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace) is very handy when it comes to creating a SPSchedule. Particularly when creating application pages that handle the scheduling of custom timer jobs. So instead of creating your own dropdown’s with all the days of the week and all the possible times and converting to those the proper schedule…


How to – Increase timeout value of a SharePoint workflow

I was recently working on an issue where customer had a workflow which used to fail and error out after the workflow would execute for some tasks. On deeper analysis I found that the workflow was creating 5000 tasks and it is then when the workflow errored out. On checking the Workflow and ULS traces…