Remove, Save and Restore – Remote PowerShell Sessions in SharePoint 2010

I have been working with Remote Powershell and it is amazing to use this. Just imagine I dont need SharePoint server on my box just powershell on my box and normal Powershell scripting knowledge. A typical pain can be to create a new session everytime you close the PS.exe and set up all the parameters….

Configure Remote PowerShell in SharePoint 2010

I was working on a requirement to run a SP 2010 powershell script from a remote machine on network. Yes the answer is PowerShell 2.0 which uses WIN-RM for remote powershell execution. Powershell 2.0 uses the concepts of WIN-RM which involves piping the contents of the remote call and running it on the remote server….


SPS 2003 : Custom error page for a status 404 error

I was recently working on SPS 2003 issue where we wanted to redirect the user to a custom error page. In MOSS we have an elaborate process to achieve the custom error page functionality. After quite a bit of research I could find couple of ways but the best and most efficient one seems is…


MOSS 2007 : Get Last Accessed date for a site

I had a recent requirement to find out the last accessed date of the sites in the web applications on the farm. The idea was to find the sites which are rarely used and delete these sites (or archive their data). By concept I should be able to get this data from the usage analysis…


MOSS: Event Log error when you have Ajax User Controls in Control Templates

I was recently working with Ajax controls in SharePoint. I created some ascx user controls and added them to the ControlTemplates folder of the 12 hive. I then dynamically loaded these controls to my web parts and everything worked fine. We did the deployment on the production server and the functionality worked very well. After…


MOSS: How to prevent a single text on a page to come in search results?

I was recently working on a requirement, somewhat weird (As developers would say) but made a lot of sense (As end users would say). Customer had a home page with their company logo. At some places in the home page (or better in the master page) there were texts like Search <Name of company>. So when…

How to: Add 32 bit machine to a 64 bit MOSS farm – Best Practices

I was recently working with a client who wanted to develop Workflows using VS 2008 on a 64 bit server. After quite a bit of research we found that this was not possible by design. Possible workarounds involve adding a 32 bit server in a 64 bit farm. To check the possibility of this option I researched…

SP2010: SPMetal Doesn’t work for external lists + Possible workaround

As we know SP 2010 has introduced a way where we will now be able to implement OOPS principles for SharePoint Code. In other words we can now have an easier way to understand and implement object oriented principles in SharePoint. The short answer on how to do this is – LINQ + SPMetal tool….