2 more Videos on using the PerfView performance tool.

UPDATE: These (and other) videos are now on Channel 9 as part of the PerfView Tutorial Series.

In my previous Post I posted a ZIP file containing 3 videos using the new PerfView tool.

Here I add another 2 videos to the collecition.  The should be unpacked into the same directory as the first 3 (that is the perfViewVideos directory beside the PerfView.exe file). 

The first of these decribes the powerful grouping and folding features that I think set this tool apart from any other performance tool I have used.

The second video shows the 'drill into' feature, that allows you to create 'subInvestigations' of just some of the samples of the original trace.   I use this feature all the time.  It is very valuable. 



Comments (1)

  1. Anders says:

    Good job, but nothing about gc collection. Looking forward to the new videos

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