Slides for Patterns & Practices Talk: Desiging for Performance

Tomorrow (10/14/2009) I am giving a talk on performance at Microsoft-Campus Paterns and Practices Summit.  Below is the abstact for my talk To many developers, high performance development is ‘magic’.   It involves multiple metrics (time, memory allocations, footprint, startup) many special tools (profilers, performance counters, ETW, NGEN), special knowledge (cache lines, page faults, seek times),…


Slides for a talk on Performance

 I am giving a .NET Performance talk for the users group at the Royal Bank of Canada, and I am posting the slides for the talk here for future reference.  (see power point document attached to this entry below).   Anyone who has heard me speak will see recognise the themes:  Good perf does not just…


Musings on the .NET Runtime on Channel 9

In case anyone is interested I did an video interview on the runtime in general.   This is more about philosophy than technology, but if you are in the mood for some philosophy about the runtime, here is some from someone who has been around from the CLR’s begining.  


MeasureIt Update: Tool for doing MicroBenchmarks for .NET

Almost a year ago now I wrote part 1 and part 2 of a MSDN article entitled ‘Measure Early and Measure Often for Good Performance’.  In this article I argued that if you want to design high performance applications you need to be measuring performance early and often in the design process.   To help doing…