Slides for our All Day PDC 2008 talks on: Performance By Design

Every year or so, when Microsoft believes it has something useful to say to develoeprs it hosts a Programmer Developer's Conference.  It is doing so this year from 10/27 through 10/30.    Between Rico Marani, Mark Friedman and myself, we gave a all day talk on writing high performance software for the .NET Runtime.   

 I am posting the slides here for reference.   I had to break the slides up into the sessions we gave them to fit within the size restrictions of the blog.  I also had to post them as seperate posting (since the blog software seems to only support one attachment per blog entry).   However I have put the quick links to them here.

These slides are of course more useful to those who actually attended the talks, however I think there is a lot that can be learned from them even without having heard us talk.  I am happy to answer any questions that anyone might have after viewing the slides.

You can view the other talks and slides from the PDC by going to there web site  This will certainly work for those attending the PDC, but might work for everyone (I don't really know).

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