Giving Performance Talk at Programmer Developers Conference (PDC) 10/26

This is a quick plug for a pre-conference session I am giving on 10/26 at Microsoft’s Programmer Developers Conference (PDC) 10/26 held this year in Los Angeles.   My talks are part of a all day session that I am giving along with Rico Mariani and Mark Friedman entitled


Performance by design using the .NET Framework


In the morning Rico will be starting us off with some basics: having a performance budget, designing for performance and the basic of measuring.   Mark will speak on the performance characteristics of important parts of the framework.   In the afternoon, I will be doing two sessions, the first is on memory performance in .NET:  when you should care, how to measure it, behavior of the GC, and best practices.   I will follow up on multi-threading performance in .NET.  This session will overlap a bit with the talk on multi-core programming, but I will focus on the .NET aspects only try to have a very practical perspective.   Finally Mark will finish off with two talks, one on ASP.NET performance, and another on Silverlight performance.


I am looking forward to it.   If you are interested, you can learn more about registration here.   I am also interested in talking to customers and getting feedback, so if you want to talk to someone who has been on the .NET Runtime team 'forever', come to the PDC and we can talk. 

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