90 Seconds to Prototyping Your Next App

Want to discover how fast you can prototype your next application? Want to know what SketchFlow is and how it can help you in your next project? The solutions is here: Jon Harris presents SketchFlow in just 90 seconds in this video, and does so with a friendly British accent to boot. It does not…

Designers Get Update for Expression Blend for Windows phone 7

Expression Blend 4 Beta enables you to create: Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4 applications for the Web Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 3.5 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and WPF 4 applications for the desktop. And now it supports Windows phone 7 Series design too. Download the community preview at Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Beta. Expression…

Learn How You Can Prototype Your Next Application Using SketchFlow

MSDEV has a new series of free training for developers and Web designers on how to prototype your next application. You can use SketchFlow to help build your application so designers and developers can work together to build out a completed application. The series is entitled Introduction to Prototyping with Sketchflow in Expression Blend 3….


Windows Marketplace for Mobile Accepts Apps, Contest Announced

You can now post your application onto Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Submissions for mobile-device applications will be accepted from 29 supported countries. Todd Brix made the announcement on a blog posting on the Windows Team site titled The Race to Market. Windows Marketplace for Mobile will go live this fall. Initially Windows Marketplace for Mobile…

Clean Prototyping with Compositions

By now you’ve hopefully seen SketchFlow and how it can help you conceptualize your projects before turning them into reality. If not, I highly recommend you check out the Mix ‘09 session Sketch Flow: From Concept to Production. One of the tasks common to prototyping and actual development is planning navigation between pages (or screens)….