HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Available for Windows Azure

The Windows Azure team has announced that Windows Azure now enables HIPPA compliance. Microsoft now offers a HIPAA BAA to our EA (Enterprise Agreement/volume licensing) customers and partners in the health industry. The announcement was made on the Windows Azure team blog post Security, Privacy & Compliance Update: Microsoft Offers Customers and Partners a HIPAA…


Top 30 Must See Videos, Demonstrations For Developers That Highlight TechEd

TechEd is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT professionals and developers, offering the most comprehensive technical education across Microsoft’s current and soon-to-be- released suite of products, solutions, tools, and services. This June we celebrate the 20th annual TechEd North America in Orlando. Experience four days of hands-on training from Microsoft experts. I have put together…


Setting Configuration to Get Your Windows Azure Diagnostics

Windows Azure Diagnostics enables you to collect diagnostic data from an application running in Windows Azure. You can use diagnostic data for debugging and troubleshooting, measuring performance, monitoring resource usage, traffic analysis and capacity planning, and auditing. After the diagnostic data is collected it can be transferred to a Windows Azure storage account for persistence….


New Windows Azure Datacenters Options in US Announced

The Windows Azure team today announced new data center options based in the United States. The announcement was made at Announcing New Datacenter Options for Windows Azure. Datacenter options of “West US” and “East US” are now offered for compute and storage. SQL Azure will be online in the coming months, according to the announcement….


Getting Acquainted with NoSQL on Windows Azure

NoSQL databases are often employed in public, massively scaled Web site scenarios, where fast fetching of relatively simple data sets matters most. Relational databases get the nod for  transactional, atomic writes, indexing of non-key columns, query optimizers, and declarative, set-oriented query. NoSQL provide some or all of the following features: Key-value stores. Document stores. Wide…


Up-to-Date Information on Windows Azure Now Available in New USCloud Blog

My colleagues are now pooling their blogs into single feed  to provide up-to-date news for readers interested in the latest in cloud. US Cloud Connection site is now live with has added the ability to aggregate the Azure-related blog posts. My colleagues will provide details on the latest offerings and let you know about events…


Windows Azure Security Best Practices – Part 7: Tips, Tools, Coding Best Practices

While writing the series of posts, I kept running into more best practices. So here are a few more items you should consider in securing your Windows Azure application. Here are some tools, coding tips, and best practices: Running on the Operating System Getting the latest security patches If you can, run in partial trust…


MSDN Article: Building a Massively Scalable Platform for Consumer Devices on Windows Azure

Excellent article shows how you can use web services hosted in Windows Azure and have it communicate across various devices, such as Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android. And have that service scale to terabytes in size. My colleagues Bruno Terkaly and Ricardo Villalobos wrote the article for MSDN magazine Building a Massively Scalable Platform for…


How to Choose Between Windows Azure Queues, Windows Azure Service Bus Queues

One of the key patterns in building scalable applications is queues. Let’s say you have a Website or Web Service (in your Web Role) that responds quickly to a user request, but there’s another process that takes longer. It might be a long data base inquiry or video encoding or extensive calculation would be in…


ISV Video: Whitewater Backup to the Cloud on Windows Azure Storage

Whitewater from Riverbed automates backup for enterprises into Windows Azure. Azure Architect Evangelist Allan Naim talks with Riverbed Marketing Director Bob Gilbert about Riverbed’s decision to support Windows Azure for their Whitewater backup appliance. ISV Video: Whitewater Backup to the Cloud on Windows Azure Storage Bob explains why Riverbed selected Windows Azure for their customer…