Windows Phone 8 Built on Windows 8

The next release of Windows Phone on the rock-solid technology core of Windows 8, according to the announcement made on the Windows Team Blog, Announcing Windows Phone 8. This new shared core—along with all the extra work we’ve done on top of it—opens up a new world of capabilities, which you don’t have to be…


ISV Case Study: Smartphone Users Share Privately With Groups on Glassboard over Windows Azure

Glassboard is a mobile service for sharing privately with groups. With Glassboard, you create ‘boards’ which are groups of people around a common interest where you can share messages, comments, photos, videos, and even your location (when appropriate). When the Glassboard team was developing Glassboard, they looked for a platform that offered scale, worry-free operation,…


30 to Launch

With great devices hitting the market and the broadly acclaimed user interface based on Metro design principles, Windows Phone is setting the new cool for mobile computing. Take advantage of the excitement and create a cutting edge application – fast. Really fast. 30 days fast. Starting Jan 31, you will have access to a weekly…


Nokia, HTC Announce New Windows Phones at CES

New Windows Phones were announced jointly by Microsoft and partners at CES according to That’s a Wrap: Microsoft 2012 CES Keynote Recap by Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Corporate Communications. He writes, “Wednesday, Jan. 11, T-Mobile customers in the United States can buy the Lumia 710, Nokia’s first Windows Phone in the…


PhoneGap Features Support Windows Phone 7.5

All the features of in the new version of PhoneGap version 1.3 are supported on Windows Phone 7.5. This release extends the cross-platform capabilities of PhoneGap, giving more choices to developers in need of a programming environment allowing them to easily deliver the same mobile experience to their users across the various existing and prominent…


ISV Video: Social Media Goes Mobile with Glassboard on Azure

You can now share your private data with groups of your friends, coworkers, and those outside your work organization courtesy of a new free product, Glassboard, from social media company Sepia Labs. Users can connect with each other’s Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone. Soon users can connect from within a Silverlight part in Office 365….


Check Out Cheat Sheets for Phone Developers on Live Tiles, Controls

My colleague Kevin Ashley has created new cheat sheets for Windows Phone 7.5 developers – one for Live Tiles, another on Additional Controls and Toolkits. The cheat sheets show XAML, sample code, and key points that you need to know to use the features. Check them out at  Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Cheat Sheet -…


Register Today for Upcoming US Developer Events for Windows Phone 7.5

Events are available around the United States for developers to learn about Windows Phone. MSDN Events is offering one-day and two-day sessions around the US. Register at MSDN Events. Windows Phone Camp Windows Phone 7.5 (codename: Mango) is here – and we want to give you the upper hand on this new release. Windows Phone…


Windows Phone 7.5 Rollout Begins, New SDK Now Available for Download

Microsoft announced that the rollout for updates to the “Mango” release of Windows Phone has begun. The Windows Phone team shared that we started rolling out the update to customer handsets and shared lots of developer goodness and started rolling out RTM updates to dev devices. And now the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 RTW release…