‘Oslo’ Becomes SQL Server Modeling

Code Name ‘Oslo’ software modeling technology gets a new name, SQL Server Modeling, according to Douglas Purdy in his blog postings. A community technology preview (CTP) of the platform will be released at Professional Developers Conference (PDC09). The CTP features: M textual language for defining schemas, queries and domain-specific languages for SQL Server databases Quadrant…


SOA Explored in Latest Architecture Journal

The latest Architecture Journal (Journal 21) focuses on Service Orientation Today and Tomorrow. Eight articles discuss aspects such as business alignment, service modeling, governance, federation, infrastructure, reusability, convergence, and coexistence with cloud computing and event-driven complementary approaches (among others), and they’re accompanied by guest columns that analyze other tangential aspects. Architecture Journal 21 Articles Design…


Community Preview for “Oslo” Released

A new community preview of “Oslo” has been released May CTP. "Oslo" is the code name for Microsoft’s next generation modeling platform. This CTP includes: "Quadrant" – a visual modeling tool "M" – a modeling language Repository – a SQL Server 2008 database to store models UML domain models and a loader to import UML…


Connected Systems Roadmap for WCF, WF, ‘Dublin’

A set of features in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, improves Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), collectively known as connected systems. Windows Server extensions for connected systems, code-named "Dublin”,  provide an improved hosting and management experience for WCF and WF applications. The integration of WF and WCF in the .NET Framework 4.0…


Roadmaps for Major Products Announced at TechEd

The product roadmaps for the coming year were announced at TechEd this past week. The products include lots of important technology for ISVs. Date not announced: Silverlight 3. introducing more than 50 new features, including support for running Silverlight applications out of the browser, dramatic video performance and quality improvements, and features that radically improve…


Getting Started with Oslo Using ‘M’

A community technology preview was released for Microsoft project code named “Oslo” in January and now there are some great places to learn about how to get started using it. The whole idea of modeling helps you describe the problem you are solving closer to the world that your users need, rather than in code constructs. ”Oslo”…


Top 10 Microsoft Research Projects

Network World highlights a sneak peek at 10 technologies developed in Microsoft Research. Check out Ten Microsoft Research Projects. The projects include: Surface. The multi-touch table computer. Pictionaire. For business collaboration. Social Streams. Real-time trend aggregator. Blue Track. Mouse for all surfaces. Robotic Receptionist and several more that are coming soon such as Visual Studio 2010 and Oslo….


Oslo’s Modeling Language ‘M’ To Be Published Under Open Specification Promise

“Oslo” is the code name for our platform for model-driven applications. The goal of “Oslo” is to provide a 10x productivity gain by making model-driven applications mainstream with domain-specific models, a new language, and tools. Community Technology Previews (CTPs) of the three components of Oslo through MSDN: The declarative modeling language known as “M”  A new…


Real World SOA Site Shows Off Customer Stories

A new “Real World SOA happens {here}” online campaign site is live!  Visit www.microsoft.com/soa to learn more about Real World Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Hear customers tell their stories of how SOA from Microsoft – and a real world approach – is delivering significant, tangible and measurable benefits to their businesses. Real World SOA is grounded in creating SOA solutions for…


Must See PDC Sessions for ISVs

Microsoft PDC is coming next week. I’ve spent several days in the last couple weeks watching many of the practice sessions. Here’s my list of must-see sessions that apply to ISV decision makers and architects. In my opinion, there are several important themes for ISVs: Cloud Services. How should you build next generation applications for…