5 Windows Apps for the Day

Check these 5 apps today. If you like them, please give them a rating. 

Scribd is the world’s largest digital library with over 80 million users. Use the Scribd app for unlimited access to over 400,000 books for just $8.99 / month. Included with a subscription are books from over 900 publishers, including NYT bestsellers, literary classics, groundbreaking non-fiction, and reader favorites in every genre. We also have the world’s largest digital document collection, with millions of user-uploaded written works.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1nibnwQ


Madefire Motion Books is a free app that delivers the most innovative reading experience for mobile devices as it pioneers the next chapter in storytelling. In its purest form – the Madefire app is a free comic book reader that takes digital comics and cartoons a step further than traditional static images with the new format called Motion Books. Motion Books immerse the reader in an interactive experience with sound, motion, and depth. This current release is a "Preview" version, featuring exclusive Transformers content exclusive to Madefire and Windows 8. In an update release, we will open the full Madefire catalog to Windows 8 – be sure to check back frequently.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/T4ChPD


Rdio - Discover your next favorite track with Rdio, a social jukebox with over 20 million tracks to play — instantly or in stations. Play what you want, when you want, from new hits to classic albums. Or, start a station based on any track, artist or genre and lean back while Rdio plays a perfect mix of songs. Once you’ve found some favorites, add them to your Collection or put them in a playlist. Feeling social? Follow friends, artists and other music lovers to see what they’re playing. The more people you follow, the more music you’ll discover. It’s music evolved. Go and play.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1i8cKRy


Receipt Manager - A simple, easy to use receipt manager to keep track of expenses. Upload a picture or key in the details of each receipt. The app will store your receipts for reference and retrieval as needed. Sort and search by date, store, total or item. Use the Simple Receipt Manager Application for personal budgeting, tax returns, warranty tracking, expense report referencing or for recalling purchases without the paper trail. With the simplicity of the app, you’ll be easily adding your receipts in no time and able to retrieve instantaneously.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1vBAmAv


IGN Mobile - The latest video game news and reviews, piped into your pocket from the world's #1 source, IGN. A must-have app for gamers, movie buffs and comic junkies that need to know what's new and which products are worthy.

Download Here: http://bit.ly/1yeuRKa


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