Handy Windows 8 and Windows Azure Resources


How To Prepare Your Windows 8 App For The World Market

With the possibility of selling apps in more than 200 markets to billions of people, it’s pretty important that your Windows 8 apps be accessible to a worldwide market. Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to accomplish that goal. This Windows 8 blog post shows you how to design new world-ready apps with little to no code modification.

Test Your Windows Store App – From Anywhere!

There’s no need to be tied to a desk when debugging Windows Store apps. Check out the tutorial that explains how to use your Surface (or any other device) to remotely debug apps and stay on the move.

Real-World Windows Azure With Auth0

Auth0 makes it easy for you to add Single-Sign-On to your applications; it was built on Windows Azure. In this Channel 9 video you can learn about Auth0 as well how to use Apache JMeter to run load testing on Windows Azure apps.

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