Enterprise Features for Windows Phone 8 Build on Windows 8 Core

An example of how a new company Hub might look in Windows Phone 8.New enterprise features for Phone were announced in the roadmap for Windows Phone 8 last week.

Some of the new business-friendly features include:

  • Device encryption: To help keep everything from documents to passwords safe, Windows Phone 8 includes built-in technology to encrypt the entire device, including the operating system and data files.
  • Better security: Windows Phone 8 supports the United Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) secure boot protocol and features improved app “sandboxing,” so the phone is better protected from malware with multiple layers of security.
  • Remote management: With Windows Phone 8, IT departments can manage apps and phones remotely, with tools similar to ones they now employ for Windows PCs.
  • Company Hub and apps: Companies can create their own Windows Phone 8 Hub for custom employee apps and other critical business info.

The features are built on top of the common core of Windows 8.

For more information, see Announcing Windows Phone 8.


Bruce D. Kyle
Technical Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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