Windows Azure Training Kit Adds Labs, Presentations on New Features

imageWindows Azure Training Kit June 2012 Update is now available.  The June 2012 update includes 42 step-by-step hands-on labs and 20 presentations covering the new Windows Azure features. Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • 12 new hands-on labs for Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • 11 new hands-on labs for Windows Azure Web Sites
  • 2 new hands-on labs that demonstrate Windows Azure with Windows 8 Metro-style applications
  • New hands-on labs for Node.js and PHP using Mac OS X
  • Updated content for the latest Windows Azure SDKs, tools, and new Windows Azure Management Portal
  • New and updated presentations designed to support individual sessions to a full 3 day training workshops

New Features of Windows Azure

Several new features in Windows Azure make it easier to move your existing apps to the cloud.

  • Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  • Windows Azure Virtual Network
  • Windows Azure Preview Portal
  • Windows Azure Web Sites

Updates to existing services, include:

  • Windows Azure SQL Reporting
  • Interoperability Updates
  • Improved Developer Productivity
  • Improved Application Services

For more information, see and Cloud Virtual Pressroom.

Download Training Kit

You can download the June Windows Azure training kit from the download center

Just like past releases, the full training kit package (213MB) is a self-extracting exe that will unpack all of the hands-on labs and presentations to your local machine.  You can then browse through the hands-on labs as HTML or the PowerPoint presentations locally.  Alternatively, you can download the Training Kit Web Installer (2.4MB) and selectively choose individual hands-on labs or presentations. 


For those of you who have used the Windows Azure Training Kit in the past, you will notice several changes we’ve made in the full package: 

  • Layout and structure of hands-on labs has been changed so all content is on a single page.  You can easily print and search through a hands-on lab when browsing the HTML. 
  • The HTML version of the hands-on labs no longer include Javascript.  Consequently, you will not receive any browser warnings when looking through an HOL that has been installed locally.
  • The setup scripts for the HOLs have been updated to use the new dependency checker that checks to ensure you have the necessary prerequisites and automates any setup steps.  The new dependency checker also uses Web PI for the dependency checks.

The Web Installer experience has also been updated.  Based on feedback we have changed the behavior of the Web Installer so that no content is selected by default.  Users can now select the content they want to install. 

Content on GitHub

The training kit content  is also available on GitHub at or through the GitHub pages here.  All of the hands-on labs included in the kit are written in a simple Markdown format, so they can be viewed on and easily changed directly through GitHub.  This will also enable several of field evangelists and community insiders to contribute, improve, or localize the content.  

Finally, if you encounter any issues with the content, you can simply click on a link in the hands-on lab and log the issues in GitHub.



Bruce D. Kyle
Technical Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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