Vote Opens Today for People’s Choice Awards for Imagine Cup

clip_image001The Microsoft Imagine Cup brings together students from all over the world and asks them to use their creativity and passion for technology to help solve the world’s toughest problems.

This year is the 10th anniversary of Imagine Cup and over this period, we have more than 1.65M students from 194 countries who have participated. The 10th Worldwide Finals will be held in Sydney, Australia from July 6-10 and more than 350 finalists from 75 countries will be competing for the top prizes.

Beginning today, people around the world will have the opportunity to get involved in the excitement through the Imagine Cup People’s Choice Award.

You can go to the People’s Choice Award site and vote – meet the students, and see the projects, the more they see how innovative our technologies are and how they can be used to truly change the world.

Here are some of the examples of Microsoft technologies in action through Imagine Cup: 

  • Metro is in: Even with limited availability, 20% of all student projects are using Windows 8 driving early adoption.
  • Head in the clouds: Nearly half of all finalist projects are using Windows Azure in their projects – from tracking pollutions levels in the environment to diagnosing diseases.
  • Natural User Interface rules: 66% of education focused projects made education more interactive with Kinect.
  • It’s not just the phone that’s smart: Windows Phone7 is the most commonly used technology with 62% of all finalist teams (54 total) creating WP7-based solutions to address challenges such as providing healthcare tools and resources for people in remote areas across the globe.
  • Technology is for everyone: 20% of the worldwide finalists are women with three all-women teams competing in the Software Design category.

The People’s Choice Award is just one component of several competitions and prizes at the Imagine Cup. From creating apps on devices to building Web sites and Kinect solutions, students are truly helping to change the world with Microsoft technologies.

Please take advantage of YOUR opportunity to support these students to realize their full potential, helping them grow academically, start companies that thrive, and have an impact in their communities and around the globe.

About Imagine Cup

The world’s toughest problems will be addressed one solution at a time. In its 10th year, the Microsoft Imagine Cup brings together students from around the world who are stepping up to the challenge of leading global change.

For Imagine Cup 2012, students selected from three competitions; Software Design, Game Design: Xbox/Windows, and Game Design: Phone, but these weren't their only opportunities to compete. They also had the opportunity to share their world-changing ideas in the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge, Windows Metro Style App Challenge, Windows Azure Challenge or Windows Phone Challenge.


Bruce D. Kyle
Technical Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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