Tips, Resources For Moving Your Database to SQL Azure

imageEarlier this month Microsoft significantly reduced the cost of SQL Azure. SQL Azure is a great way to move your applications to the cloud.

Two recent blog posts provide a good starting point for learning about how you can migrate to SQL Azure.

in Migrating a SQL Server database to SQL Azure, Tim Heuer describes how he moved his SQL Server 2005 database used for his blog into SQL Azure. Tim wanted better up-time and did not want to spend the time maintaining the servers. He shows how to sign up create a database, create your data-tier application (dacpac file), and then migrate the data. His post provides some tips and gives you steps you can use.

Peter Laudati provides pointers to resources that show how you can get started in Get Started with SQL Azure: Resources. He’s organized the resources into three high-level categories:

  • How to get started with SQL Azure.
  • How to migrate data.
  • How to achieve scale.

About SQL Azure

SQL Azure is a highly available and scalable cloud database service built on SQL Server technologies. With SQL Azure, developers do not have to install, setup or manage any database. High availability and fault tolerance is built-in and no physical administration is required. SQL Azure is a managed service that is operated by Microsoft and has a 99.9% monthly SLA.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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