Web Camp Training for HTML5 Now on Video

HTML5 Web Camp Videos now available.

Practical HTML5HTML5 is the arguably the hottest topic in web development communities around the world.  Over the course of one year, it has evolved from a “novelty” discussion to a serious development platform.  And the impact of HTML5 is manifesting itself across all programming frameworks.

There is no doubt that HTML5 is on the minds developers today.  In the beginning of 2011, Microsoft began hosting a series of HTML5 Web Camps.  Due to the overwhelming demand for these popular sessions, every camp had a waiting list!  Yes, these events were filled to capacity.  With the realization that not all could attend, we took the opportunity to record an entire day’s session hosted in Phoenix, AZ.

HTML5 Video Sessions

Intro to HTML5. Introduction and overview of HTML5 technologies.

Practical HTML5. How to develop HTML5 in the real world.

HTML5 & CSS3. Combining HTML5 with CSS3 techniques.

Audio, Video, SVG. Enhancing the user experience.

HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript Tips. Deeper look into user experience and how to structure JavaScript.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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