Geo-Replication of Windows Azure Storage

windows-azure-logo-lgMicrosoft now provides geo-replication of all Windows Azure Blob and Table data between two data centers.

Geo-replication replicates your Windows Azure Blob and Table data between two locations that are hundreds of miles apart and within the same region (i.e., between North Central and South Central US, between North Europe and Europe West, and between East and South East Asia). We do not replicate data across different regions. Geo-replication is now turned on for all Windows Azure Storage accounts for Blobs and Tables. Note that there is no change in existing performance as updates are asynchronously geo-replicated.

To learn more, see Now Available: Geo-Replication and new Blob, Table and Queue features for Windows Azure Storage.

In addition, the team has announced a new version of the REST API to enable functionality improvements for Windows Azure Blobs.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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