How to Integrate Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger Into Your Website

imageThe developer experience has been revampeded for the Windows Live developer platform to make it easier for websites to integrate Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger into your sites in ways that are meaningful and beneficial.

Nearly all Windows 7 PCs come pre-installed with Messenger, Photo Gallery, and the other Windows Live Essentials apps. Just connect Facebook, LinkedIn, and other services to get a wide range of rich features like Facebook chat and social feeds in Messenger, photo publishing with people tagging in Photo Gallery, and all your contacts seamlessly available across Windows Live.

And of course, you just have to do this once and your connected services roam with you to Windows Phone, Hotmail, and more.

One example is The Huffington Post who offered users the ability share this story on Hurricane Irene using social media services or email.

The development platform, Messenger Connect is the platform that lets site and app developers integrate SkyDrive, Messenger, and Hotmail into their experiences. The latest version now provides:

  • OAuth 2.0, the modern web authorization standard
  • Single sign-on and new Hotmail Calendar access
  • Improved user experience on the desktop and mobile web
  • Is now easier to program
  • Friendlier documentation with more examples

Learn how you can take advantage of Hotmail, Calendar, and single sign-on for your application at the Messenger Connect announcement, Windows Live developer platform adds OAuth 2.0 and more, continuing to let users connect the devices, apps, and sites they choose.

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