Hardware, Server, Mobility Competency Benefits for Partners on Windows Phone

imageSpecial programs are offered through the Microsoft Partner Network can help your company with development and sales of your Windows Phone applications.

  • Microsoft partners who have earned any competency can purchase discounted hardware and service plans from selected vendors.
  • New logos can display your specialty in Marketplace when you earn the Mobility Competency.

Earning the Mobility Competency provides many benefits, including internal use licensing and advisory hours.

Hardware, Services Discounts

An exclusive discount program that makes it easier for MPN members worldwide to obtain and experience Windows Phone. A new discount program is available to all MPN members with at least one Microsoft competency.

Discounts are available through eXpansys worldwide, and in the United States through Sprint and T-Mobile.

For information on how to take advantage of the program, see Windows Phone Discount Program for Partners.

Mobility Competency

As a specific benefit to Mobility Competency partners, you may use to distinguish your apps from others in the Windows Phone Marketplace and App Hub.

imageFor partners who earn the gold or silver Mobility competency, you’ll be able to display a distinctive logo.

The Microsoft Mobility competency, fueled by the power of Windows Phone, demonstrates your ability to develop innovative mobile solutions by using tools you already know and trust.

For information about how to gets started in the Mobility Competency, see Earn the Silver Mobility Competency or Earn the Gold Mobility Competency.

New Qualification Path

Beginning in October 2011, the Mobility competency will add a new qualification path for independent software vendors (ISVs). Following is a preview of the requirements for the new track. Full details will be available in October.

  • ISV track, Silver Mobility competency: You must deliver one application that has passed the qualifying application test.

  • ISV track, Gold Mobility competency:

    • You must deliver one application that has passed the qualifying application test.

    • You must employ or contract with two Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) with credentials not assigned to any other gold competency.

Competency Benefits

When you earn any Microsoft competency, you become eligible to receive a set of core benefits that are the same for all competencies. And when you earn the Mobility competency, you also receive benefits specifically tailored to this competency that address key stages of your business cycle.

Some of the many key benefits include:

See Mobility Competency Benefits for the list of benefits.

More Information

See the Windows Phone Mobility Partners video of Microsoft Partners discussing the opportunities for building Windows Phone applications and solutions.

To get started with the Microsoft Partner Network, see Microsoft Partner Network Membership.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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