How to Get Ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599

Windows Phone 7 exam which will be available starting July 14. Peter Kuhn of the Silverlight Show has posted a series about how you can get ready for the exam.

The official outline of the measured Phone 7 skills breaks down the topics into the following parts:

  • Designing Data Access Strategies (19%)
  • Designing and Implementing Notification Strategies (17%)
  • Working with Platform APIs, Tasks, and Choosers (21%)
  • Designing the Application Architecture (21%)
  • Designing the User Interface and User Experience (23%)

You can use the series to bring you up to speed to take the exam once it is available, or can be used as a basis to plan your own, self-paced learning to prepare for the exam at a later point.

I've found that taking the exam will let you know that what you do know and taking the tests gives you confience that you know your way around the API.

So far, there are three posts:

Getting ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599 (Part 1) where he provides

  • An overview
  • How to send and receive data
  • How to design a storage strategy
  • How to plan for bandwidth limitations

Getting ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599 (Part 2) covers:

  • Plan for and implement push notifications in the application
  • Plan for and implement push notifications on the server
  • Common Resources for Push Notifications
  • Create and update live tiles

Getting ready for the Windows Phone 7 Exam 70-599 (Part 3) covers

  • Design and implement sensor interaction
  • Plan for and implement the use of Tasks and Choosers
  • Plan for and implement multitouch and gestures
  • Design and implement application navigation

More articles are coming, see

About Peter Kuhn

Peter Kuhn aka "Mister Goodcat" is an MCPD/MCC and has more than ten years of experience as developer, project lead and technical director. Today he works as trainer for Microsoft Silverlight business application development and the Windows Phone 7 platform (both Silverlight and XNA), as consultant in the field of software design and software development process optimization, and as technical author. You can find his blog here:

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