Windows AzureCamp NYC

Microsoft AzureCamp NYC


I hosted an AzureCamp at the Microsoft Office in NYC with 24 attendees on April 21/22. This 1.5 day event was targeted to Startups and ISVs in the New York City metro area. All stages of software solutions were welcome to join. The goal was to support the development/move of software solutions that target or extend to the cloud, to place them on the Windows Azure Market place, and to promote them through Microsoft channels.

The event finished with a 5 minute pitch to a panel to compete for a price for the most innovative solution that was deployed to the Windows Azure Marketplace during the event.

I would like to thank Jeana Jorgensen, Director Azure ISV Incubation at Microsoft, for her support and providing executive sponsorship. Without it the event would not have been possible. I would like to also thank my colleague Bob Isaacs, PSA Azure ISV Incubation for his support and Shyam Mankikar and Vyas Bharghava both from hanu software for their presentation and technical engagement during the event. Last but not least, I would like to shout big thanks out to our distinct guest speakers and judging panel: Angelina Jao, Graham Lawler, Murat Aktihanoglu, Shai Goldman. Thank YOU!

Congratulations to Josh Jennings from Air Level 1 for developing the winning solution, Hot4Chinese! photo

Developed and deployed in only 1.5 days, Hot4Chinese is a English to Chinese translation service. Hot4Chinese is a great example of how startup companies can leverage Windows Azure to rapidly develop MVP (Minimal Valuable Products) and to test the target market to create revenue. Furthermore, the Hot4Chinese solution provides instantaneous and quality English to Chinese translation, integrated with e-mail and Twitter.


I captured the experiences of Josh Jennings form Air Level 1 and David Steketee from Auzzy Inc. and Do More Consulting in a few short Videos that I published on Channel 9:

AzureCamp NYC Interview with Josh Jennings from Air level 1 | Channel 9 via @ch9 @GuntherLenz

AzureCamp NYC -- Interview with David Steketee of Auzzy Inc. | Channel 9 via @ch9 @GuntherLenz

AzureCamp NYC -- Interview with David Steketee of Do More Consulting | Channel 9 via @ch9 @GuntherLenz

Enjoy the Show Smile.

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