Debug Code without Keeping All That Code in Your Head

imageDebugger Canvas from DevLabs is a new user experience for stepping through code in the debugger in Visual Studio Ultimate. It displays the code of each of the methods you step into on a canvas with call lines between them, helping you keep track of the bigger picture as well as the details.

Debugger Canvas pulls together all the code along a call path into a single display for browsing and even editing. Instead of having to keep all the code in your head while you look at one file tab at a time, now you can see the entire path on the canvas, enabling you to more easily track the flow of control and data through your application.

Try out Debugger Canvas from DevLabs. For more information, see S.Somasegar’s post Debugger Canvas on DevLabs.

About Debugger Canvas

Debugger Canvas is the result of collaboration with Brown University and Microsoft Research, incorporating innovative ideas from Brown’s Code Bubbles and Microsoft Research’s Code Canvas.

The goal of DevLabs is that many of these technologies will eventually be incorporated into Microsoft products in some form or another.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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