HTML5 Reaches ‘Last Call’ at W3C

html5-displayW3C’s HTML Working Group has announced that the HTML5 specification has reached Last Call status. This is an extremely important milestone as Last Call is the point at which W3C thinks the group’s work has reached a point of reasonable stability.

Last Call is also essentially a call for all communities to confirm the technical soundness of the specification, after which the group will shift focus to gathering implementation experience and building a comprehensive test suite.

You can read the full blog post by Microsoft’s Paul Cotton here, the W3C Press Release here and the W3C blog here.

Microsoft staffers, along with many other individuals and 194 participants from 54 organizations - including Adobe, Google, Mozilla, Apple and Opera Software - all participate in the Working Group developing the specification for HTML5, the next version of the platform-neutral HyperText Markup Language standard used worldwide for rendering Web pages.

HTML5 is the first new revision since HTML 4.01 was released in 1999, and will include built-in video and audio, a "canvas" element for two-dimensional graphics, new structural labels such as "article" to smooth programming, and a codified process to consistently interpret the hodgepodge styles of real-world Web pages, even when improperly coded.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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