New Feature — Migrate Your Free App From Free to Active Paying Account on Windows Azure

windows-azure-logo-lgOnce you have tried out Windows Azure on a 30-day Pass, no credit card, free accounts, you can now migrate your work into a paid account. Move your Azure application, SQL Azure, and Windows Azure AppFabric to a Azure account without losing all that hard work.

Your free Azure account is, with your permission, moved to your paying Azure account.

The Windows Azure platform 30-day free pass now meets your need to try it, then buy it.

  1. Get a free pass. Promo code DPWE01. No credit card required.
  2. Build your Windows Azure applications, SQL Azure databases and proof-of-concepts.
  3. Migrate your account to a full, paying Azure subscription.

The links to migrate your apps will be in the introductory email that you receive once you sign up for the 30-day Pass.

Getting Started with Windows Azure

See the Getting Started with Windows Azure site for links to videos, developer training kit, software developer kit and more. Get free developer tools too.

See Tips on How to Earn the ‘Powered by Windows Azure’ Logo.

For free technical help in your Windows Azure applications, join Microsoft Platform Ready.

Also Available for Limited time

Get $250 USD when you complete your FIRST Windows Azure Application via Microsoft Platform Ready

Learn What Other ISVs Are Doing on Windows Azure

For other videos about independent software vendors (ISVs) on Windows Azure, see:

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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