How to Build Better HTML5

imageSoma Somasegar, Senior Vice President of Developer Division at Microsoft, has put together a blog post that describes the tools that you can use to build sites that use HTML5, ECMAScript 5, and CSS3.

To learn more about developing in HTML5, CSS3 and JScript, see ScriptJunkie.

In his blog post, Building Better HTML5, shows how to use F12 tools in Internet Explorer 9, including a feature that can format minified Javascript.

Expression Web

He explains how Expression Web supports the latest web standards and to support them particularly well with Internet Explorer 9.

Expression Web 4 SP1 now supports HTML5 (you can see a demo in this video) including IntelliSense for the complete HTML5 draft specification, support for the CSS3 draft spec in the CSS Properties palette, and support for common CSS properties in the Style dialogs, including support for Border Radius in IE9 (pictured below). Semantic HTML5 tags that IE9 supports such as <canvas>, <section>, <hgroup>, and <footer> are now recognized and usable in Expression Web’s Design View.

Expression SuperPreview

Expression SuperPreview is a tool for simplifying the process of testing and debugging layout issues across different web browsers. With SuperPreview, you can view your pages in multiple browsers simultaneously or view how a page renders in a browser and compare it to a comp or mock-up image of a page.

Trial Versions Available

Get trial versions of Expression Studio.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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