How to Link to Your Windows Phone App in Marketplace

Download for Windows PhoneRemember to use the Download for Windows Phone 7 button to help users find your application. You can download the Windows Phone 7 button kit here.

The kit includes the button artwork in three colors, five languages, and five sizes; the button usage policies; a pointer to the deep linking documentation; and our branding guidelines.

For more information on how to use the download button, see How to: Link to Windows Phone Marketplace Content.

Getting Started with Windows Phone 7

Tools are free. Get started on Windows Phone 7 or XBox at App Hub.

See the free developer training course for Windows Phone 7 on Channel 9.

Windows Phone 7 in 7 tutorials on MSDEV. Each short, to-the-point video in this series highlights a feature of Windows Phone 7 in less than 7 minutes. This is a series for developers who want to pick up the basics quickly with brief explanations and hands-on examples. Demonstrations and code samples are based on the beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer.

Join Microsoft Platform Ready for free assistance in developing and marketing your Windows Phone 7 applications.

ISV Videos on Windows Phone 7

For videos on how other ISVs got started developing for Windows Phone 7, see:

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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