Arrive a Day Early and Attend a Boot camp at MIX11

Want to get the most out of MIX11? Attend a full day of pre-conference Boot Camps designed to get you up-to-speed on the most important technologies in web design and development. Need to ramp up on Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3, or  jQuery. Want to learn how to take advantage of the Cloud or how to build Silverlight applications for SharePoint? There’s a Boot Camp for both. Perhaps you’d like to learn how high-profile, complex sites and games are built using the latest web technologies? We have speakers from some of the top interactive agencies in the world deconstructing their projects right before your eyes. Whether you’re a designer or a developer you can take advantage of some of the best, most comprehensive content available from some of the industry’s most regarded presenters.

The popular MIX11 pre-conference Boot Camps are lecture style and will include high-quality visuals, code examples and walk-trough's, as well as materials you can take with you for later reference.

Boot Camps take place on Monday, April 11 and cost only $350 

Boot Camps | April 11, 2011
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

MIX11 Morning Boot Camps

HTML5/CSS3 Boot Camp

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis (W3Conversions)

Although CSS3 rendering varies between browsers and HTML5 hasn`t reached the candidate recommendation stage yet, they're already the hot, new buzzwords and some intrepid front-end developers are already creating sites with them. Are these new techniques ready for prime time on the web? What happens with older browsers?

In this session, Stephanie demonstrates the latest HTML5 structural elements, form markup, and ways of presenting audio and video; then she adds cutting-edge CSS3 features for easier implementation of visual effects, enhanced typography, color treatment, and object effects -- all with a focus on satisfying your cravings for tomorrow`s technologies through practical implementations today. Welcome to the next generation of web design!

Design, Content, Code: Start-to-finish

Roman Blagovirnyy , Tony Walt, Chad Bakeman, Anthony Franco, and Cindy Vanover (EffectiveUI)

Ever wanted to learn how a professional, high-end, media-heavy, interactive site is built from start to finish? In this boot camp the senior team from award-winning User Experience Agency, Effective UI, will walk you through how they built an incredible new site for a very demanding organization. The project has not yet launched but it will be live before MIX. (Microsoft: Trust us, it is AWESOME!)

The team will cover everything from initial UX consulting and requirements gathering to project management, design iterations, media development (video, audio, 3D), Silverlight development, HTML5, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Azure hosting, content management, to meeting client expectations. This is a boot camp that you do not want to miss!

Silverlight Boot Camp

John Papa (Microsoft), Mike Taulty (Microsoft)

In this half-day workshop of demos with a few slides tagged on 😉 we’ll take a tour around the landscape of Silverlight applications. We’ll dig into the core platform capabilities, the tooling and we’ll dive into some of the patterns and frameworks that you’ll work with in getting data in and out of your Silverlight applications and onto the screen. We’ll demonstrate how to solve real problems using the core Silverlight features as well as the latest features in Silverlight 5, to get you ready for the upcoming week at MIX11!

What we expect of you is that you have a basic awareness around .NET and Silverlight. What you can expect from us is a half-day bringing you up to speed on the essentials of building applications with Silverlight.

Cloud Boot Camp

Vishwas Lele (Applied Information Sciences)

Cloud computing is being viewed as the one of the most important concepts in IT going forward. In the last couple of years it has moved from high-level concept to a technology that is now seeing mainstream adoption. In this half-day workshop we will begin by discussing the what, why and how of cloud computing. After we have covered the fundamentals of cloud computing, we will dive deep into the Windows Azure platform. This will include a discussion of various building blocks, features, and tooling. Next, through a series of demos we’ll review a variety of features of the platform and patterns that can help you move your on-premise workloads to the cloud. Finally, we will discuss the economics of cloud including cost and SLA. What we expect of you is that you have a basic awareness around .NET and experience building web applications. What you can expect from us is a half-day bringing you up to speed on the essentials of building applications on the Azure platform.

Vishwas Lele is an AIS Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the company vision and execution of creating business solutions using the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform

MIX11 Afternoon Boot Camps

jQuery Boot Camp

Joe Marini (Microsoft)

jQuery has become one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building rich, interactive, cross-browser Web sites and applications. In this session, Joe Marini will show you how to get started using the power of jQuery and its sister library jQueryUI to build your next-generation Web applications. Whether it’s animation, dynamic formatting, AJAX, or complicated UI, jQuery has the features you need to help tackle your hardest Web development problems.

HTML5 Canvas Mastery

Lanny McNie (, Shawn Blais (

In this boot camp we will take a comprehensive look at everything from simple shape and image drawing, to advanced techniques for building interactive experiences and games. We will also look at available tools to streamline development, and share some helpful tips on implementation, performance, and optimization.

Lanny McNie and Shawn Blais are senior developers at, a leading interactive production shop focused on providing cutting-edge experiences in HTML5, Flash, iOS, and Android.

Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp

Grant Hinkson (Microsoft), Adam Kinney (Pixel Lab)

In this workshop you’ll see a complete Windows Phone app built from the ground up. We’ll walk from File > New Project all the way through app submission in the marketplace. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks required to make your app feel like a native app, from smooth page transitions to highly performant progress bars. You’ll leave with a fully functional app that you can start customizing with your own data and submit to the marketplace for instant global reach.

Silverlight for SharePoint Boot Camp

Paul Stubbs (Microsoft)

SharePoint is the leading business application platform for sharing and collaborating. Silverlight 4 is the perfect tool for bringing SharePoint to life. Demand for developers who can create rich SharePoint applications using Silverlight is off the chart. Come learn how to build interactive SharePoint applications using Silverlight 4, JQuery and OData. Understand how designers and developers can work together using Expression Blend, Visual Studio, sample data, and data binding against SharePoint Lists.

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