How To Shake Your Phone App

phone7-brandThere are more than a few very successful applications that use the accelerometer as the main user input on Windows Phone 7. The accelerometer in mobile devices is a very powerful tool that is most commonly used in driving or flying simulation games, but there are other applications and games that also use it.

Every Windows Phone has a built in accelerometer that's accessible via the Microsoft.Devices.Sensors namespace. Using the Accelerometer API is easy; however, the sensor output contains raw information, and it's up to the developer to figure out what to do with it.

The Accelerometer Helper Library, which we're using in the Shake Gesture Library, is very helpful, but it's still up to the developer to interpret the input vectors’ meaning. That's why we created the Shake Gesture Library.

You can use the Shake Gesture Library to register for “shake gesture” events in your applications. You can configure how strong you want your end user to shake, for how long, and in which direction to generate shake events.

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