Blue Dot Solutions Wins Windows Phone 7 Contest for State, Local Government

phone7-brandCongratulations to the winners of the state and local government Windows Phone 7 applications contest. The contest highlights winners of the best Windows Phone 7 applications for State and Local Governments.

Among the winners is Blue Dot Solutions for Advanced Mobile 311. See my video about Advanced Mobile 311 in action at Crowd-Sourcing Public Sector App for Windows Phone, Azure.

About Advanced Mobile 311

Advanced Mobile 311 is an easy-to-use, cloud-based crowd-sourcing solution specifically designed for municipalities and organizations that wish to empower their citizenry or employees to quickly and accurately generate service requests using their personal smart phones. Users can quickly identify the location of an issue on an interactive map, search and select the appropriate service code from the customers' source systems, attach a photograph, and include ad-hoc comments and contact information for follow-up.

The Advanced Mobile 311 infrastructure is cloud-based, running 24/7/365 on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform. This means that no additional hardware needs to be procured, provisioned, and/or supported to use the solution. Service requests are automatically routed through the cloud to the appropriate EAM or ERP instance based on configuration settings and the service request location.

Advanced Mobile 311 is licensed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Rather than requiring the purchase of traditional upfront software licenses, access to the solution is leased on an annual basis. Pricing is coupled to total population size, eliminating guesswork and providing an economical pricing model that spans a municipality’s entire potential user base.

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