Top 10 WP7 Application Design Tips

I recently received the Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Newsletter and found a cool list of top 10 WP7 App development tips. These tips are posted on the Windows Phone 7 Developer Blog. The first 7 have been listed below and please visit the Windows Phone 7 Developer Blog for the remaining tips.

  1. How to Make Your Start Tiles and Splash Screens Great
  2. Make sure your buttons are visible even when the keyboard is displayed
  3. Managing themes on WP7. Or how to build your application to respect system color changes
  4. Make sure your finger can hit the target and text is legible
  5. Give feedback on touch and progress within your UI
  6. Embedding web content should be done with extreme caution
  7. Place your buttons well… Flying buttons, home buttons, and back buttons… Oh my!
  8. Right layout alignment and information hierarchy are key.
  9. Make your life easy.  Use our common controls, and use them right!
  10. Understanding Pivots and Panoramic views.
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