W3C Unveils New Logo for HTML 5

html5-displayMicrosoft is supporting the W3C’s efforts around HTML 5. W3C is introducing a new logo program for HTML5. A logo with a consistent visual design is an important indication of the growing maturity of many components of HTML5.

Microsoft and the W3C

Microsoft, as part of its ongoing focus on interoperability, is committed to the W3C and we currently have had some 66 participants in 38 technical groups. We work closely with other members on a range of matters, from drafting early specifications to developing test suites to improve interoperability.

You can find some examples of how real sites are using HTML5 today Beauty of the Web.

For more information, see Celebrating the W3C & HTML5 With a New Logo Program.

See how one Microsoft partner is supporting creating HTML 5 content, Plexipixel Uses WordPress on Microsoft.

Getting Started with HTML 5

After you've downloaded our Internet Explorer 9 Beta, see the Internet Explorer Developer Center on MSDN for info and tips.

Check out the tools inside of IE 9 for developers. You can access these tools by pressing F12, or click Developer Tools on the Debug menu when you use the Platform Preview.

Also see, Internet Explorer 9 Beta Guide for Developers which shows how you can code HTML 5.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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