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The technologies around HTML5 are still under active development and people need a better way to differentiate between the more experimental parts of HTML5 and the parts ready for use in mainstream sites.  The recent issue around WebSockets offers an example that developers and consumers will face over support of emerging standards.

Microsoft’s approach to HTLM5 is to provide better choices around standards support. Internet Explorer 9 offers support for real-world web patterns that developers are using today as well as the HTML5 patterns we expect to become more mainstream. Additionally, Microsoft is also offering developers “HTML5 Labs” for more experimental technologies under development.

Today we are creating a sandbox for experimenting with emerging specifications called HTML5 Labs. There are several benefits to the HTML5 Labs:

    • Create an implementation experience with the draft specifications that will generate feedback to improve the eventual standards within standards organizations like the W3C.
    • Give developers access to prototypes on early standards specifications and a place to provide feedback on possible improvements to the specifications. Enable faster iterations around Web specifications by not getting locked in too early with a specific draft in the browser.

The HTML5 Labs site is the place where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable web standard specifications from standards bodies such as the W3C. Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and contributes to a better implementation experience with draft specifications. The HTML5 Labs are managed by the Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Group.

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Prototyping Early W3C HTML5 Specifications

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