ISV Video: Credit Card Processing for Windows Phone 7 on Windows Azure

ch9Want to process credit cards on your Windows Azure site or from Windows Phone 7 application? Microsoft partner Accumulus provides a solution for both. CEO Gregory Kim and company President Christian Dreke describe their solution and provide a demo of how you might accept credit cards on Windows Phone 7 application. The record keeping for credit card processing is provided by Accumulus over Windows Azure.

See Credit Card Processing for Windows Phone 7 on Windows Azure on Channel 9.


Credit Card Sales System

The Credit Card Sales System by Accumulus brings fast, simple and secure credit card capabilities to Windows Phone 7 devices.The Credit Card Sales System lets users accept credit card payments with their Windows Phone 7 devices anywhere that they have an Internet connection.

Accumulus developed the Credit Card Sales System as their first foray into Windows Phone 7 application development. The Credit Card Sales System leverages credit card processing logic from Accumulus’ own Windows
Azure-based recurring revenue system.

About Accumulus

Accumulus has developed a suite of integrated technologies that make recurring revenue models easier to implement, faster to scale, and more profitable to manage.  The Accumulus dashboard makes it easier for businesses to acquire, manage and grow a customer-base, while automating their fees, credit card processing, invoice creation, customer contact and renewals.

The Accumulus team has fifteen years of experience in the subscription billing industry, having designed systems that have supported more than 400 companies in over thirty countries, and processed more than a billion
dollars of credit card transactions.

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