Windows Phone Marketplace Payouts in January, Get Reports on Phone App Sales Now

windows phoneFirst payouts for Windows Phone 7 sales will be made in the 4th week of January 2011. You can now access up-to-date download and transaction reporting information for all of your Windows Phone 7 applications and games. Todd Brix made the announcements on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Marketplace Payouts

This payout will include payment for all sales of Windows Phone 7 apps and games that occurred after the phones became available in October 2010 through the end of December 2010. After January 2011, developer payouts will be processed on a monthly basis for all combined sales of Windows Phone 6.x and Windows Phone 7 apps for those developers who meet minimum payout threshold limits.

Phone App Sales Reporting

Two types of reports are available:

  • Download Reports that provide graphical views of daily and cumulative downloads as well as raw data break-downs
  • Payout Reports that provide aggregated and detailed views of payouts for all Marketplace applications (including sales on Marketplace for Windows Phone 6.x)

These reporting features include the ability for you to create custom views and apply filters, providing the flexibility to see app performance data the way you want to help make app development and business decisions. Reports can be filtered by date, country and application.

More News for Phone Developers

In addition, developer registration and submissions have been streamlined.

And Mobile Ad SDK for WP7 now supports XNA Framework game development.

More than 18,000 developers have registered and have already published nearly 4,000 apps in Marketplace.

For more information, see Brix’s post Windows Phone Marketplace payouts coming in January, reporting available now.

Support for Phone Developers

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Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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