Benefits for Windows Azure Extended for MSDN Subscribers

windows-azure-logo-lgThe Windows Azure Platform benefits offered as part your MSDN subscription have been extended from 8 months to 16 months. In addition new Azure benefits have been announced.

Benefits are available under BizSpark, Ultimate, and Premium MSDN Subsciptions. Not all subscriptions qualify.

For Windows Azure, small compute instance is 750 hours per month, 10 GB storage, and a million transactions per month. For Windows Azure AppFabric, 5 service bus connections per month; million access control transactions per month. For SQL Azure, you get the Web Edition, three databases instances of 1 GB storage. In Europe and North America, you’ll get 7 GB in / month and 14 GB out / month. For Asia, Pacific 2.5 GB in / month and 5 GB out / month.

To learn more about how the details and how you can activate your MSDN benefits for Windows Azure, see Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers.

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Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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  1. VisionTEK says:

    Hello Bruce – What is the process to extend our 8 month program with the Windows Azure platform to 16 months? I checked the link provided above, but received an error. Thanks for your help.

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