Learn Windows Phone 7 for Android Developers

phone7-brandThis video introduces programmers who are familiar with using the Android Development Tools (ADT) with Eclipse to Visual Studio 2010, which is the recommended IDE for creating Windows Phone 7 applications. It includes information on obtaining the basic development tools for Windows Phone 7 as well as a discussion of similarities and differences between the two development environments.

It demonstrates writing a basic application and points out where using Visual Studio 2010 differs from using Eclipse in the development process as the code is being written, built, and deployed.

Check out Nancy Strickland’s 45-minute course on MSDEV, Windows Phone 7 for Android Developers: Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft Platform Ready

For anyone developing for Windows Phone 7, you’ll find additional help and marketing assistance through Microsoft Platform Ready. Sign up today. MPR also offers a rebate of $99 when you put two or more applications into Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. Details of the program will be announced soon.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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