Getting Started with Windows Azure, Includes Fall 2010 Updates

windows-azure-logo-lgMSDEV has put together a set of free developer training videos on Windows Azure development and includes updates that have been coming out on the platform in the past several months. Each video is about 15 minutes.

See the entire series at Windows Azure Fall 2010.

Included in the series are:

  • Windows Azure: Getting Started Developing on Windows Azure. This video presentation is a starting point for developers who are new to Windows Azure. It shows how to download and install the basic tools for Windows Azure, and how to create a simple “Hello World” Windows Azure application.
  • Windows Azure: : Storing Blobs in Windows Azure Storage. This short video shows how to store data as blobs in Windows Azure storage. It explains how to use the storage API to create containers for data, and how to store, retrieve, and manage that data.
  • Windows Azure: Leveraging Queues in Windows Azure. This video introduces the viewer to the use of queues to facilitate communication between Web and Worker roles in Windows Azure.
  • Windows Azure: Storing Data in Windows Azure Tables. This screencast will show you how to get started with Windows Azure tables, including how to create tables and add, edit, or delete data.
  • Windows Azure: Debugging Tips for Windows Azure Applications. This presentation covers how to use the local desktop version of Windows Azure to debug your Windows Azure applications before moving them into the cloud.
  • Windows Azure: SQL Azure. This video shows you how to store relational data in the cloud using SQL Azure, which is a cloud-based relational database service.
  • Windows Azure: Getting Started with AppFabric. This video shows you how to get started using the Windows Azure AppFabric, including setting up a project and a service namespace, downloading the SDK, and using the built-in samples.

Microsoft Platform Ready

A special program is offered to ISVs who are building applications for Windows Azure. Join Microsoft Platform Ready for your Azure project for free tech support on your development issues and for marketing assistance for your products.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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