ISV Video: Quark Publishing System Extends SharePoint 2010 for Dynamic Publishing

quarkmediumNew integration between Quark Publishing System with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 supports knowledge workers and creative departments what want to collaborate within one system to create, edit, revise, and publish brand-compliant, cross-media marketing communications. A new Channel 9 video describes the product and the challenges the team faced in developing the application.

Video link: Quark Extends SharePoint for Dynamic Publishing

Quark Product Manager Akshay Mahajan talks with Microsoft ISV Architect Evangelist Bruce Kyle about the new product. In the demo, Akshay shows how the product takes the same content and publishes to a white paper, Website, and to a mobile phone. Aksay describes the lessons learned and advises software developers on what they can do to help make their next SharePoint project successful.

About Quark Publishing System

Quark Publishing System (QPS) is the foundation for Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution, which helps you improve productivity, cut costs, and successfully publish to multiple channels by adopting a collaborative and automated publishing process.

Learn More About SharePoint Development

Get started with development on SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course on Channel 9.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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