Windows Phone 7 App Certification Requirements Updated

The requirements for Windows Phone 7 applications to be published in Marketplace have been updated. You can find the requirements on the AppHub (  Here’s a direct link to the PDF file. The WP7 App Certification Requirements lay out all the policies developers are required to follow in their WP7 apps & games. You’ll find…


Java Developers Get New Tools for Windows Azure at PDC10

The Microsoft Interoperability Technical Strategy team announced a new set of tools based on Eclipse and updated client libraries (SDK) for Windows Azure at Professional Developers Conference 2010 (PDC 10). This means that you can now choose to upload the Java environment of their choice and run it on Windows Azure which, as you know,…


Seven Important Tips To Help Your App Ace Certification

As you ready your Windows Phone 7 app for submission, check out these top seven tips to help your app sail through certification testing the first time. Grok the Docs Understand the policies and requirements that all applications need to meet to pass certification testing. The Windows Phone 7 application certification requirements are posted here….


Windows Phone 7 App Submission Opens November 3

On November 3, Windows Phone 7 app submission will be open to all registered Windows Phone Marketplace developers. Please take full advantage of your Marketplace developer account by planning to submit your Windows Phone 7 apps or games after the submission process opens on November 3. How to Submit Your Application to Marketplace You can…


Microsoft Platform Ready Announces Free App Compat Test Tools

Microsoft Platform Ready Test Tool delivers a simple, self-service way for software publishers to quickly verify application compatibility, fix errors, and receive benefits for innovating on the latest Microsoft platform technologies. Passing the test helps you meet requirements for Microsoft Partner Network ISV Competency. The availability of the tool was announced at Microsoft Professional Developers…


PDC10 Announces Ways to Help Bring Existing Apps to the Cloud

During the keynote address at Developers Conference (PDC), Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Server and Tools Business President Bob Muglia showed how the company is advancing the Microsoft platform, spanning the PC, phone and cloud. Microsoft specifically highlighted the momentum of Windows Azure, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 and Windows Phone 7 and the opportunity…


Preview of Internet Explorer 9 Available Today

At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), Microsoft underscored its continued commitment to HTML5 and showed how developers can fuse the full hardware acceleration and site-centric design in Internet Explorer 9 to tap into the power of PC hardware, transforming their websites to feel more like native Windows applications. As part of the ongoing commitment to…


Cloud Roadmap Includes Virtual Machine Role, SQL Azure Reporting, Windows Azure Marketplace, and More

At the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), Microsoft is announcing a host of new enhancements and services that make it easier to move to platform as a service, to enhance current applications and workloads, and to transform applications to take full advantage of the underlying platform. These include Virtual Machine Role for Windows Azure, SQL Azure…


Benefits for Windows Azure Extended for MSDN Subscribers

The Windows Azure Platform benefits offered as part your MSDN subscription have been extended from 8 months to 16 months. In addition new Azure benefits have been announced. Benefits are available under BizSpark, Ultimate, and Premium MSDN Subsciptions. Not all subscriptions qualify. For Windows Azure, small compute instance is 750 hours per month, 10 GB…