Windows Phone 7 Developers – New Benefits for Microsoft Platform Ready

If you are developing Windows Phone 7 applications please sign up for the Microsoft Platform Ready Program (MPR).  In addition to the standard MPR benefits you’ll also be able to receive a $99 Marketplace rebate after 2 applications are accepted into the Marketplace. The rebate details are still to be determined, but I wanted to provide you this information. Here is a summary of the benefits you receive by joining MPR:

  • Free on-demand technical support
  • Training videos and courses to help development
  • Access to special Azure offers etc.
  • Marketing benefits to help monetize your app
  • $99 Marketplace rebate after 2 apps are accepted into Marketplace (rebate details still in progress)
  • Specific guidance on leveraging Microsoft Mobile Advertising platform
  • advertising credits
  • Co-marketing opportunities, including case studies, inclusion in MS marketing campaigns, etc. (selection criteria still in progress)
  • Prepackaged self-marketing kit
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