Two Million Users Download IE 9 in First Two Days

ie9_logo In first two days, over 2 million people worldwide downloaded IE9 Beta, according to the Windows Team Blog posting Early Customer Enthusiasm for a More Beautiful Web.

“We’ve seen 9 million visits and over 26 million page views to the Beauty of the Web site since its release last week, and our developer-focused IE Test Drive Site has had 4 million page views since last Wednesday,” according to Roger Capriotti.

About Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 users experience:

  • Fully Hardware-Accelerated HTML5. IE9 offers consistent, fully hardware-accelerated text, graphics, and media, both audio and video.
  • Modern SVG. IE 9 supports highly-interactive and integrated, or modern, SVG.
  • Native JavaScript Integration. IE9 integrates the JavaScript engine natively inside the browser, rather than bolting it onto the side to support multiple JavaScript engines, which significantly improves performance for real world websites.
  • Fonts. Developers can use the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) for both HTML and SVG content.

Get Internet Explorer 9 from IE Test Drive Site.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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