MSDEV Videos on SQL Azure Detail Data Sync, Geo Replication, Firewall, Security

sql-azure-logo-lg New MSDEV videos show you how to use SQL Azure Data Sync to synchronize data between the cloud and on premises and between cloud data centers. In addition, two other videos show how to manage the SQL Azure firewall and configure SQL Azure for security.

Using SQL Azure Data Sync Service to provide Geo-Replication of SQL Azure databases. This video introduces you to the Data Sync Service for SQL Azure. This service extends on the SQL Azure Data Sync tools’ ability to provide symmetry between SQL Server and SQL Azure where data changes at either location are bi-directionally synchronized between on-premises and the cloud. With SQL Azure Data Sync Service, we have extended that capability to allow you to easily geo-distribute that data to one or more SQL Azure data centers around the world. Now, no matter where you make changes to your data, it will be seamlessly synchronized to all of your databases whether that be on-premises or in any of the SQL Azure data centers.

Extending SQL Server Data to the Cloud using SQL Azure Data Sync This video will show you how SQL Azure Data Sync enables on-premises SQL Server data to be easily shared with SQL Azure allowing you to extend your on-premises data to begin creating new cloud-based applications. Using SQL Azure Data sync’s bi-directional data synchronization support, changes made either on SQL Server or SQL Azure are automatically synchronized back and forth.

How Do I: Configure SQL Azure Security? In this video, Max Adams introduces security within SQL Azure. The creation of Logins, Databases and Users is discussed and demonstrated. The views sys.sql_logins and sys.databases which allow the display of logins and databases from the master database are also discussed.

How Do I: Manage SQL Azure Firewall rules? This video by Max Adams from TechNet discusses the IP firewall rules inherent in SQL Azure, and demonstrates connecting to a SQL Azure database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

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About SQL Azure

Microsoft® SQL Azure™ Database is the secure relational database based on familiar SQL Server technologies that you’ve come to rely on. The difference is that it’s a cloud database running in Microsoft datacenters around the globe. High-availability and fault tolerance are built in – giving you the ability to start small or serve a global customer base immediately.

See SQL Azure.


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