101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 Minutes

Sara Ford is a Developer Evangelist based in Northern California.  Sara was recently on tour presenting her 101 Visual Studio Tips in 55 Minutes.  Here’s the first five and if you want to see the presentation click this link: Sara Ford’s – 101 Visual Studio Tips

Tip #1      How to not accidentally copy a blank line

TO – Text Editor – All Lang – Gen – Apply cut or copy commands to blank lines

Tip #2      How to cycle through the Clipboard ring

Ctrl+Shift+V (Edit.CycleClipboardRing)

Tip #3      How to use the Undo stack

Undo button on Standard Toolbar

Tip #4      New! Automatic highlighting of symbols

                Hover over symbol, then Ctrl+Shift+Arrow to navigate

Tip #5      How to navigate forward and backward w go-back markers

View.NavigateBackward (Ctrl+Minus), View.NavigateForward (Ctrl+Shift+Minus)

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