Service Update to SQL Azure Now Supports Database Copy

sql-azure-logo-lg The updated version of SQL Azure now supports Database copy, adds new How-to documentation, and an update to Project “Houston”.

About Database Copy

Database copy allows you to make a real-time complete snapshot of your database into a different server in the data center. This new copy feature is the first step in backup support for SQL Azure, allowing you to get a complete backup of any SQL Azure database before making schema or database changes to the source database.

The post entitled SQL Azure Service Update 4 on the SQL Azure Team Blog provides additional details.

The Database copy provides an additional layer of backup in addition to the multiple copies of the individual data already maintained by SQL Azure with each database write.

Also in SQL Azure Service Update 4

What is SQL Azure

Microsoft SQL Azure Database is a cloud-based relational database service built on SQL Server technologies. It provides a highly available, scalable, multi-tenant database service hosted by Microsoft in the cloud. SQL Azure Database helps to ease provisioning and deployment of multiple databases. Developers do not have to install, setup, patch or manage any software. High availability and fault tolerance is built-in and no physical administration is required. SQL Azure Database supports Transact-SQL (T-SQL).

See SQL Azure for more information.

Get Started with SQL Azure

  1. Download the tools Get Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio to start building and debugging applications for Windows Azure.
  2. Start the tutorial. Create your first local application. Learn how to create a simple ASP.NET application in Visual Studio for Windows Azure.
  3. Get a paid account. Set up an account, and access the online portals for Windows Azure, SQL Azure and Windows Azure AppFabric. Learn more , Sign up now
  4. Deploy your application to the cloud..Learn how to deploy and run your sample application in Windows Azure. Start the tutorial

Take the free online training course with videos and code samples in the learning center on Channel 9, Windows Azure Platform Training Course.

Migrate existing databases. See Migrate MySQL, Access Databases to the Cloud with SQL Server Migration Assistant..

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Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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