Internet Explorer 9 Beta Coming in September

ie9 Microsoft plans to release a beta version of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser sometime in September. Better performance, “same markup” and improved Acid3 test scores are expected.

Speaking at the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting on July 29, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said Microsoft will be moving ahead with a beta of the next generation browser technology.

Microsoft has been delivering developer preview versions of IE9 every eight weeks since the product was announced at MIX10 in March. The product enables developers to use the same CSS, HTML and other Web technologies to take advantage of PC hardware. The most recent preview added support for W3C standards including HTML5 <audio>, <video>, and <canvas> elements, the Web Open Font Format (WOFF), and many other new and improved capabilities

The Internet Explorer team is receiving feedback regarding the features in IE9. One example is How IE9 Platform Preview Feedback Changed the JavaScript Standard.

“There is great buzz around the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Previews – with 2 million downloads of the Preview and over 16 million page views to the IE Test Drive site” according to Ryan Gavin on the Windows Blog.

In addition IE8 is seeing an uptick in usage. See Internet Explorer Usage Share in July for more usage details.

Developers should download the latest Platform Preview. Once you download, check out the Speed Demos and HTML Demos on the Test Drive Page.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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