Preview 1 of ASP.NET MVC 3 Introduces ‘Razor’ View Engine

The “Preview 1” release of ASP.NET MVC 3 is now available.  You can download it here.

ASP.NET MVC 3 is compatible with ASP.NET MVC 2 – which means it will be easy to update projects you are writing with MVC 2 to MVC 3 when it finally releases. More ASP.NET MVC 3 features will come in future preview refreshes based on feedback.

Preview 1 features the “Razor” view engine. Razor is optimized around HTML generation using a code-focused templating approach. Razor is intended to be compact, expressive, and fluid as well as easy to learn. It works with any text editor.

Built-in JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation) binding support in ASP.Net MVC 3 enables action methods to receive JSON-encoded data and model-bind it to action method parameters.

Model validation improvements in ASP.Net MVC 3 include support for .Net 4 DataAnnotations metadata attributes. Version 3 also offers better support for applying dependency injection.

For more details, see Scott Guthrie’s blog post Introducing ASP.NET MVC 3 (Preview 1).


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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