New Beta Shows MSDN Home, Hub Pages

A new beta shows off new Home & Hub pages for MSDN. The focus is to build a better developer on-ramps for each platform with several important realizations in mind.

  • Microsoft offers too many choices and making the right choice is daunting. Wherever possible, the new MSDN will simplify the process of making the right choice for our customers.
  • Fundamentally, the nature of development is shifting. Many developers are learning to code by editing, debugging, and modifying code. The new treatment for the MSDN sites will embrace both this iterative learning style and other styles so that we can support the broadest set of developers.
  • Developers have told us that they want more samples, more code, and more working applications that they can learn from or use in their own projects.


Development Centers

You can now find all of the development centers on MSDN. Each of the development centers takes you to a Hub page to help you get started with the new technology or help you take the next step.

Hub Pages Help You Get Started

Each hub has progressively deeper learning content. The first video, Step 1, is a very high-level overview making no assumptions about your background in this space. For example, you might be a web developer who has never done desktop development. Start here.

The Step 2 video explains Microsoft's place in that type of development. It covers what technology stacks are available, what tools to use.

Step 3 is a link to the tools you'll need to work in this space.

Step 4 includes "Hello World" type videos for each of the different technologies. Source code is included as well.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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