Learn How to Migrate Real World Project to Cloud

This five part video series chronicles the migration of the MSDEV Web sites from a traditional, third party hosted, terrestrial infrastructure, to its new home in the cloud using Windows Azure. See this real world project through the eyes of the MSDEV team and their partners at Slalom Consulting as they take you through the process from planning to completion.

The series is available at msdev Cloud Migration.

Episode 1. Planning. MSDEV team members discuss the reasoning behind moving the msdev sites to the Cloud, while Stephen Roger and George Ghali from Slalom Consulting step through the planning of the migration.

Episode 2. Content. MSDEV team members provide insight into the type and scope of the content on the msdev site, and Ryan Kaneshiro from Slalom Consulting takes us through moving that content to the Cloud.

Episode 3: Web Sites. msdev team members talk about the various Web sites that make up msdev. Hieu Trac and Adam McKenzie from Slalom Consulting lead us through the process of porting those different sites to Window Azure.

Episode 4: Services. Joel Forman from Slalom Consulting talks about some of the behind the scenes services running on the msdev Web sites and how those services will be implemented once the sites move to the Cloud.

Episode 5: Data. Hieu Trac and Adam McKenzie are back, along with the rest of the gang from Slalom Consulting to wrap up the series by discussing how the data from the various msdev sites handled the migration to the Cloud with Windows Azure.

Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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