MSDEV Videos Show How to Integrate QuickBooks Apps on Windows Azure

MSDEV has produced a series of videos to help you get started with the Windows Azure SDK for Intuit Partner Platform (IPP). IPP enables you to build a great application on the Windows Azure platform that leverage the go-to-market services, such as single sign-on, billing and data web API’s, user management, available through IPP. In addition, you can publish your app to an existing marketplace in the Intuit App Center.

The videos are available at Windows Azure - Windows Azure SDK for Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) Technical Readiness and Market/Sell for Developers on MSDEV.

Intuit Partner Platform

Windows Azure SDK for IPP Intro. The Windows Azure SDK for Intuit Partner Platform is a set of tools, code samples and services designed to make it easy for developers of SaaS applications developed on Windows Azure to federate those SaaS apps on to IPP.

Get Started with the Windows Azure SDK 1.0 for IPP. This document provides the developers with the steps to achieve following:

  • Host an application on Windows Azure.
  • Federate the hosted application into Intuit Partner Platform.
  • Enable the hosted application to access QuickBooks data.

Market/Sell: Intuit Workplace App Center. The Intuit Workplace App Center is a single location to find and try business applications that work with QuickBooks and with each other. By logging in, you can easily access applications, manage settings and find more applications.

Technical Support: Intuit Developer Network. Help identify the market opportunity for your Workplace application built on the Intuit Partner Platform, and learn about the variety of Intuit marketing channels, tools and resources available to help you promote it.

Technical Support: "Get Paid". Learn about Intuit marketing efforts on your behalf giving you the opportunity to reach out to our 25 million users and to sell your IPP application to consumers

Windows Azure

Here's the list of individual videos about Windows Azure:

Intuit Developers – Learn about Windows Azure. This series of Web seminars is designed to quickly immerse you in the world of the Windows Azure Platform. You’ll learn what Azure is all about, including the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and Windows Azure. You’ll learn why you should target Windows Azure, and see the tangible business benefits you can gain by deploying your apps to the cloud.

Windows Azure Training Kit. The Azure Services Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform.

Windows Azure Case Studies. Learn how others are using the Windows Azure platform to cut costs and increase their agility.

Windows Azure Offers. You have two basic types of offers to choose from when purchasing a Windows Azure platform subscription. The first type is consumption offers. This type requires no commitment - you pay only for what you use. The second type of offer is a commitment offer that provides a significantly discounted level of service in return for a six month commitment to pay a monthly base fee. Any usage in excess of this amount is charged at our standard consumption rates. Below is a summary of our different plans:

Windows Azure TCO and ROI Calculator. The Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator, can provide you with a customized estimate of potential cost savings you (or your company or organization) may achieve by building on the Windows Azure Platform.

About Windows Azure SDK for IPP

The Intuit Partner Platform IPP is the fastest and easiest way to build SaaS applications capable of integrating with QuickBooks data and the easiest way to sell your SaaS applications to millions of Intuit customers in the Intuit Workplace App Center. See Windows Azure SDK for IPP on Intuit’s developer site for more information.


Bruce D. Kyle
ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation

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